Friday, February 12, 2010


Sung to the Christmas Song "Noel":

"No-elle, No-elle, No-elle, No-ELLE...born is that kittee for meee to chase!"

I was at daycare all day today as my black lab pals, brothers Buddy and Pepper, are there on Fridays. So, Mom has started taking me on Fridays to play with them. Penny tells her I get them going and amidst a sea of black, she sees curls coming up and she knows that's me! Whirl & Twirl, I AM the Black Pearl, can't disappoint.

Speaking of Disappointment, Mom.. Pepper's mom brought in cookies for Valentine's.

WOW. Mom, I am looking bad in front of my pack. I like to be the leader. How can I be the leader when my Mom never showers my pack with free treats? Mrs. Dina outdid you Mom, what do you have to say for yourself?

I expect nothing less than a Real rabbit at Easter for the pack to hunt, forget those chocolate ones, they will kill us, give us something we can kill! HAHA. Speaking of that, Noelle is here, my personal hunting toy!

Whenever Grandma shows up, she brings the little Sherpa Goat. Well, she's a Himalayan 8 month old cat but Lordy, look at the fur on her - I think she may be a small sheep! Good thing about all that white fur? I can't miss her! I hunt her under the armoire, into the corners, up the stairs, anywhere I can! Glad she visits so I can hone my hunting skills for when the weather breaks and we go from sheep kitty to SQUIRREL!

Let the Games Begin!

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