Saturday, February 6, 2010


Kolby and I have what some would characterize as an abundance of toys. For me, well, it is a box that should be constantly re-stocked but that's a dog's eye view of the situation.

When Nana Paula blew into town with her Barbet Express of 5 puppies, they all gravitated to the green box in the dining room and uninvited, invaded our toy box. Since they were only visiting en route to their new homes, Kolby and I had a "campfire" over it and decided we'd allow them to partake of our toys. But, rest assured, we monitored that situation closely.

Kolby and I have one favorite toy and it's just ours...the brother's tug toy. We call him Snake. He's bright, green and pink, so it augments both of our coat colors, something a posh dog needs to always take into consideration. We like to pull it, snap it, and whip it good! We tug, we use all our might, sometimes I win but most of the time Kolby wins. Kolby weighed in yesterday at 47 lbs and I'm a solid 49 so we are evenly matched but I'll tell you that Wheaten, he's got a pair of jaws I would NOT want to find myself between! LOL

So, enjoy the video of the brother and I with Snake. Snake sometimes doesn't last too long as we rip him in pieces and I send Mom running to Uncle Omar's for Snake's replacement. Good thing Animal Outfitter's has a stash of Snakes just for us. We know where Uncle Omar lives...until then, we push, we pull until Snake gives his last squeak and we stare Mom down for Snake's replacement.

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