Sunday, February 7, 2010

So much going on today I can hardly contain myself.

First, last night Mom was with Uncle Omar, Aunt Susana, Aunt Linda and Marcia Marcia Marcia! We are very upset she didn't take us. Kolby is simply ignoring Mom as Aunt Linda brought along his buddy Sage. They like to hang with one another in Aunt Linda's cool truck. Poor Sage was left alone last night. So, Kolby is ignoring Mom today. He'll show her. Although he seems to do that a lot to her! Poor Mom, thank God she has me stuck to her shin, she can barely move without tripping over me!

Kolby and I had lots of play time outside this morning. Mom needs to relax. Kolby runs at top speed and I stand out there and bark at him to cheer him on. What, so it's 7 am on a Sunday and that means WHAT to me? Geesh, humans. If the sun's up, they should be up! That's my motto.

Now, that little sister. She has been running crazy and for a little lady of only 5 pounds now, she sounds like a parade of cattle up there. How do 4 little paws make that sound of a Thundering Herd? Must be a secret of nature I tell you. She finally passed out with the toys, see the picture above. I wonder if she realizes that such a spot with 2 50 lb dogs in the house may not be a wise choice...I wonder if she squeaks like the toys :) Hmph...

Well, off to get some rest for the Big Super "Bark" party. Let the good times roll!

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