Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Le Pampered Pooch

Today, I hit the Lottery! Uncle Omar's Animal Outfitter's was my personal shopping center...well, mine and brother Kolby, to be fair. Mom got me a beautiful new matching leash and collar...Orange Funky Circle by Upcountry. They have thee most beautiful designs...LADIES, get ready, I'm about to wag your tail! LOL

Now, the important gift. Mom bought a big new bed for me, FOR ME, Sasha do you hear that? Every night she tries to cuddle and invade my space and I wind up leaving the current UpCountry bed I relax on nightly until she showed up! I know this is going to be a battle, I just know it. She's really smitten with me...HECK, I'm smitten with me :)

I can't have either of these gifts yet as Kolby's have not come in yet. Making me wait is NOT a good thing. I take after my Mom on that one! So, Ladies, as soon as Kolby's stuff comes in, I'll be sporting my new look, check back in a few days and Mom will post a picture of us hot Campagna Boys in our fancy new attire. Let the Good Times Roll :)


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  2. Thank you Andrea, he's fun to write for :) Somehow, I deleted your original comment as I'm new to this Blog writing but I did want to thank you for leaving it :)