Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Journey Home

I sometimes wonder where we are going and when the heck we are going to get there. I enjoy watching out the window to see all the sights on our way there, wherever that may be. What I don't enjoy is becoming a projectile missile when Mom hits the brakes unexpectedly. Really, you drive like a woman MOM, oh you are one, that's right.

Seriously, I like to remind Mom I am back there by whining at a very high pitch, she totally loves that! Sometimes, I'll really get her going and just haul out a long distance howl, like I were catapulting it or myself forward! I swear if that sun roof weren't closed she probably would go right through it.

Well, it's always nice to leave and see the sights on my rides but it's always the best coming home...until Mom opens the door and there she is, Sasha Stalker, bummers, can we go back out for another car ride Mom?

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