Monday, February 22, 2010

Tuff Toys...or so they think!

I am very lucky to have a roomful of toys to play with. I keep telling Mom it could be one of the larger rooms in the house but for now I am stuck with my toy room as one of the smaller ones. (Stay tuned, I have her trained - I will take over the living room at some point :)).

Anyway, my favorite toy was actually my brother Kolby's birthday present last year. Tuff Toy's Pterodactyl. If you don't own one, check them out online. Lots of choices and I love the Dinosaur collection. Mom often says I look like a crocodile, big head, little beady glowing eyes and one big hunk of a jaw with sharp teeth :) They come in handy when those pesky squirrels outside get too close I tell you!

So, I enjoy chewing on toys, particularly those that squeak, the higher pitch the better! The material of Tuff Toys makes me take my time to chew and it does poop me out. Sometimes, I fall asleep on him and then I wake up and wonder what is that ugly thing I'm sleeping on? A nightmare come to life? Am I suddenly back in the Planet of the Apes timezone? And then I remember, oh yeah, it's just my giant chew toy!

I am now on Pterodactyl II, he was MY birthday present last year as I was destroying Kolby's. I am hoping Mom gets me T-Rex or Tuffzilla this year or maybe Triceratops - his sharp red color would be striking against my jet black coat. Maybe I'll let him stay around longer as he compliments my look nicely! Or NOT - the sooner I can tear them apart, the sooner Mom has to buy me a new one! HAHA

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