Thursday, February 4, 2010

Uncle Billy

Today, I had a very long day at daycare. Penny told Mom she thought Mom forgot us as she didn't show up until much later than usual. Mom was mortified, she would never forget us...right? Geesh, I hope not! Sometimes, she does have to earn her big bucks and actually stay at the office until 5 pm or so she says.

When we arrived home, shortly thereafter Uncle Billy came over. I said Who? Mom tried to tell us this was Aunt Beth's brother but I wasn't so sure. What WAS that thing on his head? I barked as loud as I could to see if I could generate enough energy waves to blow it off his head...but alas, no such luck.

So, I cautiously approached him. He was putting together Mom's new computer so she could type at my direction and add pictures again..yeeha! I let him pet me but I stared him down and showed him who was boss. Yep, all 49 pounds of me. Don't even think of taking control Buster Billy. That's what I nicknamed him, Buster Billy.

Aunt Beth showed up and I flew down the stairs just in time to meet her in the foyer and WHAM knock her over...she knows how much I love her! You think she'd get the flying Barbet move down by now!

Oh well, Buster Billy knows I am in charge and Aunt Beth got lots of Barbet loving, and, oh yeah, Mom's new computer is up and typing...Load those pics of Me Mom, my fans can't get enough! LOL

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