Friday, March 5, 2010

Mom's Vacation Day (operative word MOM'S)

One would think the word Vacation would imply calming fun. Heck, not with my Mom! Good Lord, she took the day off and I feel like one of those spinning tea cup rides at the Fair! I had a full day of Daycare yesterday and I usually like to catch up on my beauty sleep the next day. Those youngsters have me going all day long! No luck with Mr. Sandman today I'll tell you!

I was whisked off to Delaware Park. I saw the largest land animal ever. I think it's a living Tuff Toy - Bison Bob I call him! Those horns alone were bigger than me. Was Mom crazy? I knew they weren't really large squirrels! Hey, I'm a Barbet, I am a smart one! And that Giraffe? For God's sake, that long neck could have swooped over the fence and knocked me flying on my butt, her head was bigger than my entire body! I think Zoos are filled with monster animals, keep them there!

I did meet a nice older man with Katie, the 6 month old Wire Fox Terrier. He said they had Airedales all their life - Sagey Wagey! AND he gave me treats, HIM, I liked!

Then we went through a car wash. My God, don't they give ear plugs with those rides? At any moment I thought I was going to get sucked out into all that water and that giant Hoover! Even a water dog wants nothing to do with that kind of water! I'm a water dog Mom not a MONSOON dog!

We finished the day over at Uncle Omar's. What WAS that dog barking up a storm at me? A Spaniel Doodle? Make up your mind, which one is it? Next it will be a Barbeaten (Barbet/Wheaten) and we'll really be in trouble! Lola was her name, LALALALALOLA...she was a fiesty one. You want to turn his shop into a doggy daycare, I'm good with that!

Needless to say, I have been laying by Mom's chair for hours now. She tells me tomorrow is another big day...Good God, what DOES she have planned? Please NO more Supersized Animals, I may get a complex here...size does matter sometimes, geesh!