Thursday, March 4, 2010

Twigs & Sticks

Yesterday morning when Mom was ready to go to work, it seemed our house was tumbling down...what WAS that noise? I rushed to the window and there they were The Village People! Well, they certainly looked liked them! Men, trucks, and more construction men and trucks. Mom went out and yelled at them, they just looked at her. She got herself ready to leave still yelling, not sure at who but woo, she was not happy. First I thought she was just singing
Y M C A...but quickly realized that was not what was occurring.

Out she went yelling at them yet again, they finally moved that huge truck and chipper so she could go earn us some money and pay for all my needs...and there are many!

Anyway, these noisy, classless men proceeded to take down the neighbor's huge 100 year old tree. There goes another good pee stop! Darn!

Well, today Mom realized that the mess those workers left included lots of nice, thick tree twigs...woohee! Kolby and I LOVE tree twigs. We enjoy sitting and chewing and carrying around the sticks like they are prey! It helps us sharpen our teeth and get them ready for Squirrel Hunting :)

So I lost a favorite bathroom stop with that tree coming down but woohee I gained an awful lot of chewing sticks! Barbet need something to sink their teeth into, remember that! If all else fails, knock your neighbor's tree down and throw us some sticks...