Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Today, Kolby and I frolicked in the back yard for about 2 hours. Snow is melting, sun was out and WAIT, was that the little lady next door sticking her head between the fence? I'm on it!

Mom is upset with our neighbors. Their fence broke last year and they haven't repaired it. Mom asked them twice to fix it, they're just lazy Mom says! Anyway, their laziness is my goldmine!

They have 2 lady dogs and the young one, Senna, a long haired Dachshund is quite the flirt! I body bumped Kolby out of the way, let me see her I barked! I nearly broke the downspout from our garage trying to fit in there and get a better look at her. But, darn it, here comes Mom...I'm in trouble now!

Yep, I got dragged away. The neighbor's son was there and said I was fine but Mom didn't buy it. She told him that I could knock over the fence because I am so strong! Okay, Mom, for that compliment you CAN drag me away. I am muscular, aren't I? Visions of David with hair, perhaps? Yes, a canine living sculpture am I!

Well, Mom got in her dig to the neighbor about their fence, I got dragged away, but Senna got a good look at me, hey, the spring hasn't even sprung yet MOM! I hope that fence never gets fixed! HAHA