Sunday, April 25, 2010

Brother Kolby's 5th Birthday

I can hardly believe it, but big brother Kolby turns 5 today. I think Mom is a little sad. What that really means is SHE is getting older!! I am thinking we need to celebrate a birthday every day, hey it's someone's birthday somewhere every day :)

This morning we had both chicken AND fresh turkey! Hit the meat jackpot I tell you!

And Kolby got a really cool toy. It is called Huggle Hounds and made with Tuffut Technology. That means it can withstand our pulls and since it has 2 50 pound dogs pulling at opposite ends, it better be tough! Highly recommend it, and it squeaks, loud and clear :)

So, Happy Birthday Big Brother, hope there are many more as I really like the special food and toys Mom gives on your Birthday!