Monday, April 26, 2010

Balloon Buster

I tell you, no rest for the weary.

I came home from quite an exhausting day at Daycare. I passed out on the porch and Mom carried me inside. I was nestled quite nicely on my Dennis Basso leopard blanket when what was that I heard? It couldnt' be! DARNIT all, that Sasha!

She had located one of my balloons and was batting it around! That's MY Balloon! I am the only Balloon Bouncing Barbet in the States that I am aware of and WHAT? This pesky kitten thinks she can now take over? UGH.

Mom and I will need to have a chat, offline of course, it won't be pretty I tell you! Aren't cats supposed to just sleep and look out windows all day? Why, oh why does this one act like a dog? Life just isn't fair sometimes :(