Thursday, April 22, 2010

Heavenly Gate

When my Mom bought this house 4 years ago, the driveway gate was a solid Cedar Fence. You couldn't see anything through it. Luckily, my big brother Kolby, told her it was completely unacceptable. He NEEDED to see what was going on and who was brave enough to cross our plot! Luckily, Mom listened to him!

She had this Gate made by Uncle Don. It even has a C on it for Campagna, my last name, oh yes, and Mom's also. She could have had an F put on it if she really was thinking but somtimes Mom isn't all there between the ears :(

Well, I call it the heavenly gate because I am behind it! Those passing by in the front may call it the Devil's gate but honestly my big teeth don't bite, unless they dare come too close!