Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Through the Cracks

I love the nice weather. And the best part can sometimes be seen...through the cracks of fences in my yard :) I like to look through our pass through to our neighbors where those darn squirrels run to refuge as I call it. I have tried to dig my way underneath the gate but all I got was infected paws...something neither Mom nor I were too happy about!

Now, the broken fence is an interesting one. The men have been buy to determine how to fix it. I hope it is later than sooner. For through those cracks are my Ladies. The same ladies I stalk from the upstairs tv room window (see previous posts for my voyeuristic tendencies). I get to be face to face with Senna, that darn cute 1.5 year old long haired Dachschund. I'm feeling the love from her I tell you!

Sometimes life can fall through the cracks or frankly, Happen in the cracks :)