Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tunnel of Love

Whew, am I tired! I went with Mom to Agility tonight sans Kolby. I was completely out of control, dragging Mom everywhere. I was a maniac on the A Frame. The only dog to scale the tall incline on my own! I did the Teeter Saw, no biggie, and now I love the tunnel! Peek a boo, see me :)

The best is at the end when the Agility room turns into doggy daycare. I met a new lady friend, Koora the Koolie. They are even rarer than the Barbet and not even in the FSS program. Koora is 10 months old and the owner's dog at the Canine Sports Complex. We had a lot of fun until Journey, her brother, stole my ball. I was NOT happy. I told Journey to go take a trip and leave the ball behind!

I encourage all my American Barbet sisters and brothes to Get Off Your Tail and start participating - Agility is Fun, Fun, Fun! Mom may be black and blue but I had the time of my life tonight!