Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Uncle Ted, Dog Stuff Maker

Mom has a lot of really cool friends. I only allow the cool dog friends into the house. The rest, well, they don't get past the front door! LOL

Uncle Ted is on the Board of our local dogpark, The Barkyard. That's where Cousin Triton and I played on New Year's Day when the Naughton's came avisiting with their Barbet. So, Uncle Ted's a good guy.

He also makes all the glasswork and napkins you can find around Mom's house that have glass pictures of the Brother Kolby and I on it! And my stainless bowl that says Finley came from him as well. check out his stuff: http://www.abinomills.com/

They ship worldwide. You send them a picture of your Barbet and then he will etch the picture onto any of their glasswork or napkins :) We just got Blue napkins with a Black Finley etched on it, so cool! Any other Barbet out there with their face on Mugs and Napkins? Well, got on your humans, anything for us Barbet, eh?