Saturday, July 9, 2011

Congratulations Cousteau

Mom keeps talking about another Barbet in the family. Me? I'm not so sold on that idea. It would need to be the right "fit". And he'd have to keep up the family looks! So, when she speaks of this, she often points to Walda's dogs in the Netherlands. They live with my Uncle Chouffe. I love the Uncle! Any brother of my dad, is a pal of mine!

Anyway, here is a photo of Babaloo & Cousteau. They are the best of Kolby & me, at least looks wise. Sasha the Catdog would be so confused, she'd probably think she was seeing double! LOL. They are quite fetching in the eye candy department and now Mom tells me Cousteau earned some placements at the French and World Dog Shows. Congratulations man, way to go, woohoo! Keep the awards coming but don't even think about Dockdogs and stealing my thunder or Splash as it would be :):) A dog's gotta protect what a dog can protect, right?