Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Finally, we received some snow today.

Kolby and I love the freshly fallen snow. My brother gets really turned on and goes full force running in circles. At times, he jumps straight over me and at others he is chasing me chase the squirrels.

Now, the issue here is that Mom needs a much bigger backyard. We love our house but she needs to make more money and buy us a home just as big with a backyard 5 times the size!

Is that really too much to ask from a rare breed dog? I am, after all, only 1 of about 50 currently in the US. When you are that special, you have to work it. And that I do!

Aunt Stacy is going to have a litter this year hopefully near the end of the year and Nana Paula and Aunt Ula in Ontario should be having one each as well. So, hopefully, more Barbet in the US. Check out their links on the bottom under Finley's Friends around the world. Trust me when I tell you that's a tough list to make!

But that still doesn't allow Mom from escaping her duties to me. She has been talking to Aunt Walda in the Netherlands about a real cousin of mine later on in the year. But just so everyone understands I will show him the ropes, not the other way around!

Check out Aunt Walda at Chouffe (which means gnome) is my Dad Ciro's brother and my uncle. Ain't he a beauty? Nana Paula has always said I am a spitting image of my Uncle Chouffe so Mom has always wanted another one of me straight from Uncle Chouffe. So, we'll see if it works out but you really can't deny a Barbet a charmed life. And a Barbet without snow or water is not a happy Barbet.

Speaking of charmed, I think I hear the noise of yummy hand made cookies from Uncle Omar's...gotta run and two favorite things in the to Mom of course!

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