Monday, February 15, 2010

A Day without Sasha

This morning Mom whisked Sasha, the kitty, out the door, very early. I thought, Oh, maybe they are going for a walk and didn't take me! Then I remembered the kitty doesn't go for walks. Where were they going? And without me? I rush around the house from window to window to see where they are going but soon they are out of a dog's eye view and I begin the waiting game. Something, I am really not that good at.

Finally, Mom came in but what? No Sasha? Then Dr. Reynders called a few hours later and I heard Mom say the little sister has to stay over night at the Vet's. I guess she had some surgery but since she's a girl, they make the girl's stay overnight. I hope she comes home early tomorrow, I miss having my tail chewed on and my paws stepped on! LOL She is a crazy one.

So, between now and then, I will chase Grandma's kitty, Noelle, around extra hard. I cornered her in the bookcase of the TV room earlier today. So she crouched in the corner and then just swiped out at me. I jumped back as I don't want my good looks clawed up. Those claws can be nasty I tell you! Mom finally came and saved Noelle. I think Noelle thanked her by scratching her instead of me! OH well, it's the sacrifices Mom has to make for me, it's the LEAST I expect of her.

Well, I spent an hour outside boxing with brother Kolby and chasing him in circles, he's a fast one, I can never catch him. He pooped me out. Ah, but the only pleasantry about Sasha and her sleepover is that I get all my beds to myself...and I will make sure I sleep on each one at some point today to remember how sweet it was...and before I know it, she'll be back, stuck to me like glue.


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