Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ladies, I'm Sportin My New Look

Ladies, as promised, I have my snappy new collar on. Boy is it attractive! I think Mom bought the brightest collar she could find! But, that's good. There's a reason why the male of each species is always more colorful than its female counterpart. We, males, have a tough job. We need to attract the best lady friends and what better way than to wear attire that would shine in a movie theater! Mom won't lose me now, that's for sure! I hope I go to Daycare soon, the ladies will be standing in line for me!

I've had a busy day. Momma Maria came over to hang out with Grandma. She took us for a walk and Mom said she saw us walking and how cute we looked. Of course we look cute Mom, we're your babies! Really! Could we look anything other than cute? Although, I am thinking "handsome" is a much more appropriate adjective. WE did blend nicely with Momma Maria's black and white walking outfit. The brother and I positioned ourselves such that I would be against the white and Kolby was against the black Momma Maria was wearing, woohoo, we know how to make a good impression. Boys with Style, that'd be us!

Now, the treats really kept coming today. Freshly grilled chicken, Cheese Please crackers, Stella & Chewy freeze dried chicken patties, boy, those are my favorite! Mom tried to get me to eat Coconut Chips...what the heck, does she think I am a Chimp? I know I resemble one but come on! Dog NOT Chimp! However, can't say the same for the brother, he LOVED those Coconut chips. Mom said they help allergies so it's good he liked them given his allergies. He's allergic to everything but me I think!

And, of course, little sister Sasha has returned. I licked her several times on the head to welcome her back and she rubs her head against my face. Then, woo, I jumped! She is missing half her fur on her belly! Let me tell you, NOT a pretty sight! I hope it grows back quickly. Really, I DON'T need to look at that! Maybe Mom can buy her one of those goofy outfits they make for small dogs and cover her up for now? Mom? I bet Uncle Omar sells those. Think about it. It would make me VERY happy and Finley being happy is what I'm all about :)

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